vintage dining tables and chairs

Vintage Dining Rooms

There is no doubting that vintage is very fashionable at the moment. But what exactly do we mean by vintage? How old does a piece of furniture have to be to be classed in the category? There are varying opinions on what can be labelled as vintage. Some will say that anything up to 2000 but really, for classic vintage I’d say anything up to 1989. There are some amazing pieces available online or from thrift shops, charity stores and auctions. You can’t beat the thrill of an auction room and you can pick up some absolute gems for very little money.

Think, distressed wooden dining room chairs that you can cover at home or not, depending on how vintage you want to go. Mix and match new chairs with an old rustic style table. The thing is that anything, yes literally anything goes when it comes to style. Whether it’s your personal style of the style of your home. It is an individual just as you are. Eclectic is interesting and shows that you aren’t scared to make your home your own.

Investing in a Vintage Dining Table

Whether it’s a distressed farmhouse table or something more elegant, the scope for creating a wonderful vintage dining experience is huge. The dining table that you decide on should tick all of the boxes in your ‘love’ list. Once you have the perfect table then everything else becomes plain sailing. It’s the centre-piece, the thing that draws your attention as soon as you enter the room. Design around your table choice and not before you buy one. Make sure that it is a good fit. By this, I mean it’s actual size. Is it a realistic size for your dining space?

Vintage Inspired Dining Room Flooring

Solid oak flooring is great in a vintage style dining room. Place an Indian rug underneath your table for a bit of ‘cosy’ in the Winter months. Don’t forget not to wear super-sharp heals in there though! Keeping your floor clean is so much easier when it’s not carpeted. If you have messy kids then all you have to do is wipe! Large centre pieces look great. Why not add a touch of vintage class with a large candle-stick holder in distressed silver or go more classic old school with brass? Mirrors make a room look bigger, so why not add a large one on the main wall?

 Think Aesthetics

Eclectic vintage interiors are a reflection of personality and a celebration of individuality. Weathered is authentic, embrace the old completely! It’s all about mixing it up and showing off you and your style. Don’t think about ‘fashion’ when styling an eclectic vintage dining room, more ‘I am an individual and this is me’