upholstered dining chairs

What is an upholstered Dining Chair?

basically any sort of upholstery covering a frame is classed as upholstered. Call it covered if you like, it amounts to the same thing. Upholstery sounds old-fashioned and as a term it's not used as often. We specialise in modern upholstered chairs and we offer a wide range of colours. We sell them in pink, mustard, navy blue, grey, brown, emerald green and teal with an aim to stock many more colours and designs once things are on the way back to normal! 

Why Buy A Chair From Benhomes?

Invest in a few or buy just one of our dining chairs. Buy a set for your table or buy one for your office desk. We have found these designs to be very often sold singularly. Is that an actual word? Not sure! We really, really want you to love your new chairs. We are sure that you will, but if you don't then we offer a full money back guarantee. That's how confident we are in our products. Sure, we sell all kinds of furniture, but chairs are our absolute passion and a passion that is growing by the week. We are always thinking up new colours and designs :)

Upholstered Chairs With Arms

That's what we love about our modern designs. They have a place to rest your arms! It might seem like such an insignificant feature but actually it's not. Having an arm-rest is actually essential for some of our customers. So our chairs come with arms, they come without them. We wanted to cover the whole range of styles and that range will be steadily growing over the coming months.

What Sort of Covered Chair to Choose

Well this is subjective isn't it? We sell them in velvet an we sell them in faux leather. We do also stock some beautiful leather relaxers. Are you looking for a striking colour or something a little more subtle? If you are looking for something that catches the eye of your visitor immediately then may we suggest our emerald green upholstered chair in velvet. This colour is proving extremely popular at the moment. Given the times that we are currently living in, a splash of colour seems to be very welcome.

emerald green dining chairs

maybe you'd sooner go for faux leather. Our covered chairs are beautifully sleek in design and extremely comfortable. easy to keep clean and non-porous, they are a very popular choice. Looking at orders over the last year, the grey faux leather dining chairs are outselling the others, with the brown coming a close second.

Isn't Upholstery Tough to Clean?

Surprisingly it's not that difficult to keep it clean. If you have a routine you can keep these gorgeous chairs in tip-top condition fairly easily. Vacuum them over a couple of times a week and if you need to remove spillages from velvet, blot first until most of the liquid has been removed and then gently rub with a damp cloth. Job done!

Faux leather is even simpler. Simply wipe spillages away :) 

How Soon Can Benhomes Delivery My Dining Chairs?

Many deisgns are kept at our warehouse in Marsh Farm so are availble for immediate dispatch. We appreciate our customers and so want to cover the postage costs ourselves. So zero postage to you. We are soon to be implementing a delivery tracking service on the website, making it super-easy for you to keep an eye on your order progress.