covered dining chairs

Covered Dining Chairs

 Unlike dining chairs with plastic, wooden or metal seats, the seat of an upholstered chair is usually comfortably padded. If you spend lots of time sitting around your dining table then a covered chair is the perfect companion for it. Upholstered chairs, especially those covered with faux leather, look stylish and modern, and are also easy to keep clean. They don’t generally suffer staining. Not unless they are unlucky enough to be soaked in red wine!


The Cost of a Covered Chair


The cost varies. If you are looking at a real leather covered chair, then the cost is going to reflect that. That is why a faux leather design is great for smaller budgets. Our faux leather diners are super-modern and look great with most tables. Mix and match the colours if you are brave. Velvet covered chairs look stunning when teamed with a solid oak table for instance, and guess what? They aren’t all that expensive, but they look as if they are. You get all of the class and style, for a fairly low budget. Many of our customers are restaurant owners looking for a modern diner that gives their restaurant a plush look without them having to spend out mega-bucks to kit out a whole restaurant.


Elegant Chairs

We think that an upholstered dining room set offers more style and elegance to a dining room – The comfort factor is an added bonus. Since sales of our chairs have gone through the roof lately, we have decided to add more colours to the range. Think about missing our emerald green dining chairs with our grey diners. If you aren’t sure which chair to choose, then why not drop us a line and speak to one of our experts?


Upholstered Dining Chairs UK

We like to think that we have a chair to suit all tastes, and keeping our costs as low as possible whilst offering free and fast delivery means that our happy customers recommend us the their friends.