Psychology of a Home

Our home is not just a place we live, it is an extension of us. It reflects our hopes, our and dreams, and mirrors our personality. The way our home was say, 20 years ago, may be completely at odds as to how it is now. We change, and as we change, so do our tastes, likes and loves. Sometimes, we might find ourselves living in a house rather than a home. That might be the effect of divorce or the necessity for temporary accommodation.

What to Do When Your House is Not Your Home

If you are in rented accommodation for example, you may feel uneasy about hanging pictures, painting walls or changing the curtains. On top of that, you don’t want to spend out on anything that is only going to benefit the home-owner if this is only a short-term arrangement. Think, home décor, soft furnishings, bold dining and things that make you feel as if you are home. You CAN make temporary accommodation pretty great with some clever styling. You don’t have to paint walls, hang pictures or spend out on anything that you can’t take with you when you leave.

Small Dining Spaces

Small areas can look fab with some clever thinking and a little creativity. Take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration if you are completely stuck. A small dining table with a couple of stunning looking covered dining chairs can make a bold statement. Often, renting makes us think of muted colours, neutral carpets and well, boring because it’s not yours and it’s been decorated so as not to put potential tenants off.

Even a kitchen/diner will benefit from a small round dining table and a couple of carefully arrange chairs. These days, more often than not, a rental property is unfurnished which actually, is better. Back in the day, I remember being horrified when I went to view a property that didn’t contain furniture! These days, we all want to make our mark on the place we will call home, even if it is short-term.

How to Liven up Your Living Space

So, you are probably faced with white walls, perhaps magnolia, or if you are very lucky, a hint of colour. You’re thinking ‘what the hell can I do to make this look like home? May I recommend some creative out of the box thinking? Ever thought about a vintage style sofa? I’m talking the leather kind that look as if it’s seen some life, only it hasn’t. Vintage is in right now. These beautiful soft leather sofas make a real statement, they are easy to keep clean and they suit just about any living space. A light tan leather looks amazing with some mix and match scatter cushions.

You may not have much space, so perhaps invest in a classy sofa and mix it up a little. Second hand stores are great places to pick up furniture. Even if you want it to look ‘new’ you can get creative with a paint brush and make it so. Why not take a day off and go old furniture hunting? Second hand shops, charity shops and thrift shops are popping up all over the place at the moment. They don’t sell tat either. Owners realise that the vintage shopper is savvy and discerning. Tatty furniture that ought to have been slung out year ago or used on the 5th November to help the bonfire along, is not tolerated from buyers.

Design Inspiration

I know I’ve said it before, but please do take a look at Pinterest if you haven’t already. It’s a real treasure trove of dining, living, lifestyle and interior design ideas from people all over the world. From pimped-up dining chairs, vintage arrangements, outdoor dining, kitchen accessories to soft furnishings, it’s all there.

Warning: You might waste hours of your day. It’s addictive!