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Go Dark with Navy Blue – Is It A Good Colour For Your Furnishings?

There are many colours that you can choose from when it comes to decorating your house or personal space. Many people pick various colors based on their preferences or a specific theme they are following. One of the most common colors that make a frequent appearance within a house setting is the darkest shade of blue - navy blue.

Blue is often a favourite, which is why it’s seen in many houses or even lobbies that have a formal setting. You can never go wrong with any shade of blue, and this holds true explicitly for the navy blue shade.

What Does a Blue Colour Symbolise?

Before we start with that, the word ‘Navy blue’ is derived from the uniforms that officers of the British Royal Navy wore. It is generally associated with suits, dress clothing, and other traditional sartorial choices, which is why you often may find navy blue sofas or velvet chairs placed in office setups or lobbies.

The blue colour symbolises importance, confidence, power, and authority, as well as intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. It has a sense of versatility because it goes well when paired with any other shade and can adapt well to various color palettes.

Moreover, like the color black, it is associated with sophistication and elegance. It holds a  dramatic hue that tends to capture the eye. As mentioned earlier, it can complement both lighter and brighter colors and make them pop. All these things make it a popular choice for being used in furnishings of coastal, classic, and contemporary styles.

How Can You Add Navy Blue to Your Space?

There are many smart ways of incorporating the colour into your space. However, you have to keep in mind that the dramatic hue needs to be balanced out well. If you do not carefully balance, then the bold shade may appear unappealing to the eye. To do this, you have to add navy blue dining chairs or velvet chairs to your room or workspace by coming up with an appropriate color balance.

You have to see what shade of navy you use and how many shades you want on one wall. Are you looking for a darker colored dining chair back and a lighter colored seat or vice versa? There are various questions as such that may arise, which we will address below.

navy blue dining chairs

Do Whites Go With Navy Blue?

Have you ever felt awestruck by looking at white snowy peaks hugging the deep blue sky? Well, if you ever did, then you will understand why these two colors go so well today. When taking all neutral hues into account, white is the winner when it’s paired with navy blue.

But how can you add and enhance the look of your navy blue furnishings with white? You can get the most intricately designed navy blue wooden chairs and pair it up with a white painted wood table.

Moreover, you can also make the shade of your navy blue dining chairs enhance by installing white panels or blinds on the windows in your dining area. Get innovative and place a few light shade navy blue planters or pots on the table!

What Other Neutrals Will Work?

You might not be a fan of white, so if that’s true, you can opt for other neutrals to work with your white sofas or dining chairs. You can pick from whitewashed brick, flushed black furniture finishes, rattan accents, and concrete-grey countertops to go with your navy blue chairs. 


Your wall can do a lot of work for making your navy blue dining chairs look even more mesmerizing. You can opt for wooden chairs or even navy sofas, but putting them against a monochromatic color scheme will ensure a restful vibe.