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Leather Dining Chairs

So here at Benhomes, we have been selling beautiful faux leather dining room chairs for a long, long time. Real Leather? We made the decision not to stock real leather diners as we realised that we could obtain some gorgeous leather look styles in up to the minute designs and sell them onto you the customer for a great price.

 How can you sell your chairs at such a low price? Quite simply because we do not have a store-front. We have a large warehouse based at Marsh Farm just on the outskirts of Trowbridge where we have the capacity to store many, many styles of dining chair. Being able to store them easily means that we are able to offer our customers ‘Free’ delivery, not to mention super-speedy.


Not sure if Faux Leather is for You?

Why not buy a chair and see what you think? We are super-confident in our designs and given the fact that the fabric we use is soft, durable and very much like the real deal, we are sure that you will love your new chair and want to make up the full set.

If you don’t love it then send it back for a no-quibble refund.


Is Real Leather More Difficult to Look After?

Well, yes in a word. Faux leather is non-porous and that is why it’s easier to keep in tip-top condition. Leather is beautiful for sure. Check out our gorgeous relaxer chairs. But when you buy real leather you are making an investment. With investment comes a cost. Of-course that’s fine if your dining chairs are here to stay for a few years. The great thing about leather look is that the cost can be pretty low in comparison and when you fancy a change, maybe to a velvet chair ;) then you aren’t quite so hesitant as you haven’t shelled out a fortune on the one’s you have.