how to decorate your new home

How to Decorate Your New Home

So you have just moved house and the decor is well…..not as you’d choose it to be. The house is in the perfect area, it has a garden, it has parking, it was a steal due to low interest rates. All fantastic, but now you are left with very little budget and a whole house to re-decorate.


Where do You Start?

Which room is your favourite? So where do you prefer to spend most of your time whilst you’re at home? Do you love to hang out in the kitchen? Do you prefer to chill in the living room? Do you spend a lot of time sitting round the dining room table?

Pick your room and start there. You might think that the wrong way to go about it. You might wonder why I don’t suggest starting in a more orderly manner, like start at the top and work your way down. The thing is when we make our favourite room the priority, we really do feel as if we are getting somewhere and we have that special space to use when all around us is in disarray.

Dining Room

This is a good room to start on if you love spending family time sitting around the table, chatting, helping with homework, entertaining friends. You can keep this simple. Carpets can be extremely expensive, but a wooden floor or vinyl flooring, you know that push together stuff that most of us can have a go at can be half the price. Most dining rooms aren’t super-huge and there is choice out there. Yo can pick up some budget flooring that look way more expensive.

Invest in a solid table, but it doesn’t have to be new. Pay a visit to your local second-hand store or check out Ebay. Add some covered dining chairs. It’s not all about matching furniture these days. Gone are the days when you just had to buy a matching table and chairs. Eclectic is fashionable. It’s trendy to be different in 2020!


Living Room 

You may already have a great sofa, but it may look ridiculous against the pink walls you have been gifted by the last owners. It doesn’t cost too much to paint your walls and if you pick up some one-coat paint it won’t take you forever either. Did you know that you can also buy easy-hang wallpaper? 

Invest in a large rug if you hate the carpet but don’t have the funds to invest in a new one just yet.  Add some fresh flowers. They always brighten up a room and maybe add a large mirror to the main wall if your room is on the small size.



Bedrooms should be calming spaces. Not too much clutter and muted walls in order to aid restful sleep and relaxation if you are just chilling in the bedroom on a Sunday afternoon.

Invest in some plastic storage boxes if you have a lot of stuff and not enough cupboard space. Push them under the best but remember to label the boxes first so that everything is easily accessible and you aren’t having to pull everything out in the hope of finding what you need. Clothing rails are a great budget way of tidying your clothes away but also having them easily accessible.



This is probably the least easy to tart-up. You may need and want, to invest in a new suite. The thing is, bathroom suites are not all that expensive. You can pick them up for a few hundred rather than a few thousand and if you are handy then you may also be able to fit the units yourself. Plumbing is another matter of course!