re-designing a dining room

Thinking About Re-Designing Your House?

 We get used to things as they are. We don’t easily accept change, and it’s the same when it comes to our homes.

The dining table goes there, the dining chairs match it to perfection, no room for mix and match or livening it up with some brightly coloured chairs. But that’s just what we should be doing. Shaking things up a bit it actually good for the soul.

Time for Change

 A home is more than a place to live in, it’s an extension of us. Some people have a natural eye for design and can see in an instant, that beautiful velvet dining chair would look great with that old fashioned shabby chic table they have just seen in the charity shop. Some people can see how something will look in their heads as if it were real and others cannot spot the potential of something unless it’s physically displayed in front of them. That’s okay, we are all different, some of just don’t see in pictures.

 We have to work with what we have. Often we decide to have a complete home make-over because something drastic has happened in our lives. Much like a radical new haircut, we want some big change. It’s like a fresh start.

 Personal circumstances can be a catalyst for things that we’ve wanted to do for ages but didn’t get around to or moved to the end of a very long list of ‘things to do’

 This is a good time to sit back and really think about how your house might benefit from a change, but also a considered one. Don’t go splashing the walls in red paint or furiously getting quotes for that extension your other-half told you was not on the cards this year just because you can.  


 What Makes a Good Dining Space?

 A great centre-piece is essential. Solid wooden dining tables make a statement and adding a touch of colour goes a long way to giving that statement an extra boost. Did you know that colour is good for our mood too? Imagine a solid oak table surrounded by emerald green dining chairs  or velvet pink.

 A neutral wall is a great background for a dramatic centre-piece arrangement. Customers love our faux leather dining chairs  in grey and brown teamed with a heavy glass, oak or cedar wood table.

dining room chair


Separate Dining Rooms

 I believe that less is more when it comes to the standalone dining room. You don’t want to clutter it with pictures, a bookcase or shelving packed with ornaments. Less cluttered spaces offer a great space for contemplation as well as conversation.



I love the old-fashioned country style kitchen where everyone sits around the large farmhouse table whist the host is still cooking. Perhaps a more subtle approach to design is best when it comes to open-plan dining. Maybe a more muted covered dining chair dusky pink would give it a bit of style without being too dramatic.


The Living Room

Looking for a laid-back vibe? Why not think about introducing some natural colours? Sage green walls for example are known to evoke a feeling of calm. That’s how we all want to feel when we cosy up on the sofa after a long day at work isn’t it?

 The standard three-piece suite is not as popular as it once was. Corner sofas and eclectic mixes are high-fashion at the moment. Have you wondered how a corner sofa arrangement might suit your room? There isn’t one particular style, a must have or a design of the moment. These days anything goes, so why not have a think about what actually suits your personality rather than what looks good. Looking good does not always equal feeling good. Sure, you want your living space to look the part, but you also want to feel good when you walk into it. That’s why designing for other people is out of the question. You have to live with it and whilst you may choose something that you feel gives others the wow factor when they walk in, it may not really be you.

Eclectic Style

 Some prefer traditional styling. But some of us like to use a little of everything. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to your home. Large Indian rugs, vintage leather sofas decorated with mix it up cushions can actually look very ‘right now’ Vintage is the new modern after all. Second-hand furniture stores are thriving at the moment. People like old stuff. Probably because it has seen some life. Sure, it might have a few scratches and bruises, but that only adds to the authenticity of vintage items.

 Outdoor Dining

 With the Summer approaching (well, sort of) you might want to consider outside dining. What about a covered area, some decking or a pergola? Covered outdoor dining areas offer lots of scope for style. You coul invest in a standard garden dining table and mix it with some faux leather diners for instance. Just remember to cover it all when you are ready to go inside and lock up for the night.


What If You’re on A Budget?

 Making your home high-end when you have a limited budget can be tricky, but that’s not to say that it can’t be done. Check out Pinterest for some great home-deco ideas for people on a budget. Try a little up-cycling. Don’t throw furniture away until you have taken a good look at its potential. add some greenery here and there. A cheese-plant placed in the right area has very classic high-end appeal.

 Kitchen drawers and cabinets might benefit from a change of handle and some paint. Little tweaks can make all of the difference. Like I said, miss-matching furniture is cooler than you think. So, if you’ve spotted a bright green chair and fallen in love with it, but think that you don’t have anywhere for it, then think again. Buying single items that make a statement is a great way to save money whilst adding an eye-catching extra. Friends will say ‘you’re so creative’ They’ll think that you have a flair for interior design rather than assume that you are on a tight budget.

 Above all, be bold, be brave, but always be yourself. As I said, your home is an extension of you and no-one else. Whilst it’s lovely if others compliment us on our homes, it isn’t what’s important. As long as we love them, then that’s really all that matters.