Your Kitchen


We tend to over-look lighting when it comes to our kitchens. We don’t even consider it. When you think of the amount of time we are in this room it seems silly that we don’t think about lighting. Lighting can effect our mood both positively or negatively. If you have a large kitchen space then lots of lights are better than one main light in the middle of the room. Lights on a dimmer switch or additional lighting under cupboards and perhaps a hanging light over the dining table and dining room chairs

The atmosphere it the kitchen is not only important for everyday life but also important if you have your dining arrangement at one end or perhaps even in the middle of the room. Utilising lighting that creates ambience and the right mood is tricky but it certainly can be done with a little imagination and consideration to placement.

Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping the cabinets bright makes it so much easier to find all of the necessary things doesn’t it? There is nothing more frustrating than rummaging around looking for something that you just know was there yesterday because you used it!


It’s become very trendy to situate a dining table and chairs in the kitchen. Sometimes as an addition to a separate dining room. It might seem excessive but some people like to keep their actual dining space for special occasions and their kitchen arrangement for more informal dining with family. 

Coffee is Essential

Coffee is essential isn’t it? I think so. Investing in an Espresso machine isn’t for everyone but some sort of coffee area is great for guests and you. Only if you like coffee of course! The smell of fresh coffee brewing is so welcoming when guest come to visit. I just love the smell of it on a lazy Saturday morning, although it has to be said that one day is much the same as another at the moment ;)

A Breakfast Bar

Gotta love a breakfast bar. If you don’t have a dining area in your kitchen then putting a breakfast bar in is a great way to boost informal dining potential. If you don’t have space then what about a wide shelf running along a back wall with some skinny bar stools pushed underneath? This really is a great alternative, not to mention so much cheaper.

The kitchen can be the most sociable room in the home. It can be the place where we congregate with friends and family. Are you one of those people that enjoys the company of others while you cook or do you prefer to be alone? I am in the ‘chatting as I cook’ bracket. I love that about the kitchen. My mother-in-law however, cannot stand anyone in her way as she cooks. For her it is a very solitary affair. Each to their own. 

So whether your kitchen is a sociable space or not, it’s a great idea to love it to the max. There is so much that you can do to make it the space that you can’t wait to use.