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Home Office Inspiration

Whether you work from home regularly, part of the week or you simply use your home office as a study space, you’ll want it to be conducive to work flow. Does it offer you a space for reflection, for creativity, to get down to business?

Whatever you use your home office for and however often you use it, there are some great ways to make it a better space. This area or room is often neglected. We dump a desk and a chair it it, we pile files on top of files, we don’t see it as anywhere that requires decoration. In fact, it’s a fact that our work area effects our productivity. That can be in a positive way or a negative way. It’s down to us.

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Desks and Office Chairs

No, there is no need to go all officy and boring. There are some amazing office desks on offer. A solid wood desk with one of our popular velvet or faux leather dining chairs is a perfect solution for the creative among you. In fact, that is a very common use for our dining chairs! It’s not something that we initially expected, but it’s how a lot of our customers shop with us. These covered chairs offer style and comfort. Not one over the other as is so often the case. Comfort is perhaps the most important factor when you are investing in an office chair, but if you can add a touch of class and style into the mix without compromise then why wouldn’t you?


Motivation During These Tricky Times

Motivation is often lacking when times are tough. When there is something else chucked into the mix that we didn’t expect. If your home office is un-inspiring, dull and boring then why would you want to sit at your desk and work, when you can just as easily sit on the sofa in front of the TV? Answer: You wouldn’t.

But this is the most unproductive way of working. Not to mention the fact that it’s very bad for you posture. Sure, it’s the easy option and we get that. Now is the is the time to create a time-table in order to bring some normality back to your days. Enjoy the weekends as much as you can but sticking to a work schedule can help ease anxiety in uncertain times. A proper office environment is key to adjusting. We are still offering free delivery on our dining chairs and as far as we know we will be able to continue to do so.

Take a look at your office space today and see how it might benefit from a lovely covered chair. We have lots of colours online and most are available for immediate delivery.


Inspiring Office Space Ideas

Your office space should inspire you and reflect your personality. To be afraid to add your own unique style. Keep it functional but making it fun is okay too.

Think about changing the lighting too. Add a beautiful lamp for a slightly more relaxed feel as you work into the evening. The better your home office space feels, the longer you will be inclined to work in it. Working at the kitchen table is fine in short sharp bursts but it isn’t practical in the long-term. Add some imagery that speaks to you, that inspires you to work under any circumstances.


Not Too Cosy

There is a fine line. It’s a work place after all. Make it too cosy and you might lose that work feel. No-one but no-one works well or productively surrounded by mess. Have you ever heard the saying ‘successful people always make the bed?’

Well that goes for all kinds of mess. Generally successful people don’t find messy spaces agreeable. Mess clouds the mind, and that’s a scientific fact no less. So, less mess, more clear open spaces and where that isn’t possible due to a lack of space, more tidying and less clutter.

There are many ways to keep clutter out of your personal work space. Shelving is one of them. Keep it higher up out of your eyeshot. So, on a side wall rather that in front of you if you aren’t sitting in front of a window. Being able to see the outdoors is preferable but we realise that it isn’t always possible.

You home office should be you! How do you feel when you sit at your desk on your battered old chair that you bought almost ten-years-ago? Is the leather torn, worn or just plain tired looking?


Think about something a little more inspiring!