hallways - furniture ideas

Your Hallway

When we think of hallways, interesting doesn’t immediately spring to mind does it? But why shouldn’t the entrance to your home look magnificent? It’s the first impression that people get after all. There are so many ways that you can make the most of your hallway. It doesn’t have to be large and imposing to create a significant effect.


Simple Decorative Touches

If you already have a bookcase, sideboard or wooden cabinet in your hallway then simply add some fresh flowers. Perhaps some lillies in an over-sized flask or maybe some pink tulips. Not only do fresh flowers lighten up a space, they also have a welcoming fragrance.


Chairs in the Hallway

Yes, really! If you have a wide space between the bottom of your staircase and the wall, then why not think about adding a covered chair? Take a look at our upholstered velvet range for a little bit of inspiration.

We don’t really expect anyone to sit is it of course, but they can if they want to and it’s a great stopping place for removing and putting on shoes.



Sideboards come in various sizes so if you don’t have a huge hallway then you can pick up a petite wooden sideboard and top it off with some fresh flowers or add a couple of framed family photos to the top. If you don’t like much clutter then why not add a collage frame with lots of pictures just above it. My Mum has just that and everyone loves to pick themselves out on their way to the living room. It’s funny how you always seem to spot a photograph that you haven’t seen before too!



 It’s best to tidy shoes away and no-one really wants to be face with a tatty old shoe rack shoved against the side wall. It is near impossible to keep these tidy in any case. If you have a cupboard under the stairs then this is the perfect shoe storage place.



Keep coats out-of-site where possible too. It’s amazing how many coats we accumulate and let pile up on hooks in the hall without even thinking about the way that looks to visitors. Did you know that clutter is not good for the soul?  So even if you don’t tidy them away for guests, do it for yourself and your own wellbeing.



 A grand bookcase or a rather more petite one in the hallway adds some great interest without being over-the-top. People love to look at other people’s books!


Paint it Well

If you really don’t have any space for furniture in your hallway, they go for it with paint. I don’t mean splash red paint all over the walls or anything like that (not unless you want to of course) I mean, go for a rich heritage colour and add a large statement painting or family portrait.



I just love staircases with little white lights wrapped around the banister. Maybe that’s just me but I don’t think lights are just for Christmas. I think they are pretty all year round. I don’t mean the flashing kind! It’s key to do this as subtly as you possibly can although that said, it all depends on you and your style. Don’t think about what’s in fashion, more what brightens your day and makes you feel as if you are truly home when you walk through the door with the groceries.

Wooden Floors

 There is not much grander than a solid wooden floor in a hallway. Dark stained wood or oak floors really are quite imposing and add that touch of modern/classic style. Traditional yet modern is what it’s all about these days. Wooden floors are easy to keep clean but don’t forget to tell visitors wearing stilettos to take their shoes off! Sharp heels really can ruin a wooden floor. They sink into the wood which is actually fairly soft and make tiny little pot-holes that over time can make you want to install a carpet!


Spot Lights

Spot lights look great in hallways. They give that dramatic light effect, but you can turn most of them down with a dimmer switch option. The light from a spot-light is more targeted.


There is so much that you can do when it comes to your hallway. It is part of your home after-all. Often neglected , these areas can be extremely welcoming, but they can also be oppressive and unwelcoming to potential home-buyers if they are neglected or cluttered. Think bright, cheerful and homely.