how to look after fabrics and furniture

How to Keep Your Furniture in Good Condition

Different types of furniture requires a different approach when it comes to looking after it and keeping it looking great. Modern furniture for example, is a whole different game to vintage or shabby chic style furniture. Wear on older furniture is okay because in actual fact it enahances the vintage appeal. Even light scratching on an old solid wood dining table can add the the autenticity of the piece. Not so much, deep gouges or staining though. That said, a dark stain on dark wood when it's old anyway, is not too much of an issue, if an issue at all.

Looking after Fabrics

Although in some cases, upholstered furnuture is easier to look after, it is also a pain if you spill red wineo or the kids spill blackcurrent onto velvet covered chairs or light sofas. 

Getting red wine out of fabric

There is a simple but effective trick to remove a red wine stain from your favourite sofa; Apply some white wine to counter-act the red as soon as possible. If you leave it too long then the stain will be routed in the fabric and it will be tricky to remove it even with this trick.

How to Remove Oil Spillages

Anything oily can be counter-acted with hairspray. Seriously folks, I have been using this for years and if you spray it asap then it has the ability to take out a greasy oil mark made from olive oil or butter. 

Caring for Leather Furniture

Leather can take a bit of a bashing, especially if the piece of furniture is partuicularly old, or bought as vintage in the first instance. Spillages can we quickly wiped away but don't forget that leather is porous so speed is of the essence. 

Brush leather chairs down with a soft brush and remove food crumbs with the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Do this every other day in order to keep your leather chairs or sofas clean and today.

Caring for Faux Leather Furniture

Brushing and wiping daily is key to keeping faux leather furniture in good condition. Spillages will not soak in as they do into real leather as it is a non-porous fabric but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't act with haste still. The sooner that spillages are mopped up the better.

Tips and Tricks For Keeping Furniture Looking Awesome

  • Tomato and perspiration - Apply a tablespoon of white vinegar to the stain. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse

  • Biro Marks - biro can be removed by soaking in a spot of milk

  • Blood - treat immediately by pouring white vinegar onto it, letting it soak, then blotting with a cloth.