dining room table and chairs

Which Dining Table

The best dining table for you will be one that works for your budget, but also the one that feels right, fits comfortably into your dining space and has durability. A quality dining table should last you at least ten years so with that in mind, stay away from trend for the sake of trend.

You may love the trend of the moment and that’s fine. If you can see yourself living with your new table for a few years, then there is no reason not to buy a trendy one. The thing is, sometimes we get carried away with ‘todays trend’ without really considering the future. Lets face it, a quality dining table doesn’t come as a throwaway price, so it’s certainly worth considering the long-term when it comes to making your choice.

Sturdy Dining Tables

A good solid dining table works well, especially if it gets a lot of use. Perhaps the kids use it for homework, you might enjoy sitting around it of an evening or have lots of dinner guests. In any of these cases, investing in a solid wooden table might be the way to go. 

Dining Tables and Chairs

You don’t have to buy a matching set. These days people tend to pick out dining chairs completely separately from their table. This is great as it gives huge scope for putting together a more imaginative arrangement. Imagine some coloured dining chairs against a solid oak or beechwood table. 

These vibrant covered velvet dining chairs bring out the wood but also compliment it to perfection.

emerald green dining chairs


How will your new table be used? Each place at the table needs 22 to 24 inches of table space. This is a comfortable measurement but you may of course, want to invest in some larger chairs so you will need to take these measurements into account.

Table Styles

Square and rectangular are most popular when it comes to table shapes. There will be more choice in this case. That said, round or oval tables will free up some extra space and perhaps you don’t really have the space for a large square table. Round dining tables are great for kitchen diners where most space is taken up with kitchen units and appliances. Tuck a small round table into the corner of the room and you are good to go.

Calm Spaces

Keep your dining room calm with neutral dining room ideas. Plain doesn’t mean boring. Neutral means a calm and reflective space and that can be the perfect working space if you don’t have a home office.

Everything comes down to personal choice in the end. What do you like and what suits your personality and budget?  Take some time to think about your next dining table. Make a sound investment in something that will stand the test of time.

Luxury Dining Chairs

Yes, a luxury dining chair without the expensive price tag. That has been the over-riding comment about our new velvet diners. Great, because that was our aim when we came up with the idea! Our faux leather range has always been popular but we wanted to offer our customers something more, something that looked a little more extravagant.