faux leather chairs

WE Love Faux Leather

WE are huge fans of faux leather here at Benhomes. It’s a big part of our product range, therefore we really do know how to look after it and keep it in tip-top condition. We’re going to talk about the basics of faux leather I the hope of giving you an understanding of it and how best to care for it into the future.

Here, we’ll give you our top tips for caring for this real leather alternative. 

 The Main Points to Remember When Looking After Faux Leather

Firstly, faux leather is a non-porous material and that is a great selling point. Why is that? Because non-porous means that spills and marks can be removed way easier than if it were a porous surface.

Very Important: Don’t let it get too dry as it is prone to cracking.
What is Faux Leather?

Not everyone is aware that ‘faux’ simply means ‘fake’ but that doesn’t so so lovely does it? What faux leather is: A layer of synthetic material that’s embossed with a leather like grain and is backed with fabric. Of course as with everything, there are varying qualities of this material.


Some of the principles of caring for leather can also be applied to faux leather. Unlike real leather, a protective treatment won’t penetrate and moisturise the faux leather, but rather will add a thin protective layer so that the surface is easier to clean. Just imagine, that if a fabric or material is easier to clean, not so much friction is used, and the item will last longer.

 Everyday Cleaning

Remember that harsh cleaners will do this material no favours in the long-term. You don’t want to use anything too string and you certainly do not want to apply too much pressure or scrub at faux leather.

 If you clean it regularly then you will negate the need to rub and scrub at it. Our faux leather chairs are super-easy to keep clean and they really don’t take too much effort to look after.

 Regular Cleaning of Faux Leather

We recommend that you use warm water with some washing up liquid and a non-abrasive cloth. Make sure the cloth is damp rather than soaking wet. We are looking for a good flow over the surface with no needless friction. Follow up by drying off with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth. This is the best way to look after our chairs. Regular cleaning is key.

 Sunlight - Don’t have your dining set placed in direct sunlight as this will gradually dry out your faux leather chairs.

Try it Before You Apply It

It’s always best to try out a new cleaner on the surface of your chair on a hidden part just to make sure that it suits it and doesn’t have any negative effect on the material.

Don’t Use Bleach

Stay away from the bleach! It’s far too harsh and might take some of the colour out of it. It may also become prone to stains in the future.

Soft Cloths
Always use soft cloths to clean faux leather. Nothing with an abrasive surface as you WILL damage your chair.


Never leave these to dry into the surface. Always wipe over right after applying.

To Sum Up

Faux leather is extremely durable and when the quality is great, it will stand the test of time. Look after it and treat it with care. Don’t scrub it and don’t put anything on it that you wouldn’t want to get on your own skin.

Enjoy your new chairs and remember you can always drop us a line if you want some advice.