restaurant covered dining chairs

What Dining Chairs to Choose for a Restaurant?

Yep! Our covered dining chairs have become incredibly popular with the restaurant trade. Not something that we expected, but cool never-the-less. They come in a wide variety of colours. That coupled with the fact they we now stock them in velvet too, has made these modern diners a great seller.  We’re told that they are making a real statement in Indian restaurants and brighten up a table covered in white. Whilst the majority of chairs we sell to the restaurant trade are grey and navy blue, we have recently seen a surge in sales of our green velvet dining room chairs.

Green is a very soothing colour and is widely used with this in mind. Against a wooden, glass or faux wood table, they look equally amazing. We do our very best to keep the cost of our chairs as low as we can. We are able to do this because a lot of what we sell is bought in bulk. Home customers are able to take advantage of this low cost too.

We like to change it up a bit. When we see a popular design being bought over and over again, we evolve it. We adapt the design with little tweaks here and there such as a higher back, shaped legs etc. We continue to sell the original version, but it means that we can offer a slightly different take on the same look

Our Most Popular Colours for Home Shoppers

Teal, pink and emerald green are picking up pace right now. In the faux leather range, it’s grey all the way. It’s the new black after all! Grey, as we all know, goes with just about any colour. Its versatility is it’s key selling point. We stock it in both velvet and faux leather.

Faux leather is extremely easy to keep clean, making it a great choice when it comes to mass dining. Wipe it down, there you go! 

Opening a New Restaurant

There is a lot to consider before kitting out your new restaurant. Your first aim is comfort. You want your customers to be comfortable. Dining furniture should be durable and functional. At the same time you want it to be visually appealing and it needs to match your chosen decor. Getting this right is essential.