contemporary dining chairs

When we think of contemporary, we think as the dictionary description states: Belonging the present moment. But what of the contemporary dining room? All up to the minute, super modern and ready to go out of fashion at the drop of a hat? The dining room is a central part of your home, it’s a space where you can host family for lunch or a dinner party with friends. It’s the place that people gather, have conversation and relax after a hearty meal.

 A Contemporary Dining Room should reflect your personal style and personality. You really don’t need to add too many elements to this room. Simple and clean is enough. For a contemporary décor, choose plain neutral walls with perhaps one large modern print or a large statement mirror. Contemporary furniture also referred to as modern furniture just in-case you were wondering what the difference is.

Our Take on The Meaning of Contemporary Furniture

Furniture that is refreshing and current. It is not quite the same as mid-century- modern but it does maintain some of those qualities. Contemporary can go in and out of style although some pieces are designed to stand the test of time whilst still looking ‘of the moment’ Contemporary furniture generally uses modern materials but is still simplistic in form and generally function too. No over-the-top design or too many fancy edges.

This Dining Room

This room takes on an entirely unique role as a piece of contemporary art. The large wodden table is complimented with some striking covered dining chairs. Set against the dark wood, these chairs make an statement, if there is such a thing! There is isn't there. This is it! 

Tables and Chairs

Chairs are what we specialise in. We do this because our customers have told us what they love. Our contemporary dining chairs have proved a real hit, so we are stocking more and selling more! Our classic yet contemporary (yes there is such a thing!) go well with most dining tables. From solid wood, glass, veneer or leather topped tables, we have designed them to suit all tastes.