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Cheap or Inexpensively Chic Dining Chairs?

Inexpensively chic of course! Sure, our dining chairs in all colours such as emerald green, teal, baby pink, mustard yellow, navy blue, grey and brown are tres on poin when it comes to price, but they are not what you'd call cheap. By not cheap I mean they don't look it. We really do strive to keep the cost of or covered dining chairs as low as we can. By buying in bulk, we are abe to do just that. We sell lots of our chairs (particularly our velvet ones) to restaurants therefore we are almost selling wholesale. Good for them and good for regular domestic customers as you get to benefit from bulk buyers.

Teal Blue Dining Chairs

The Ada diner is our best-seller. This gorgeous covered chair has brought a lot of happiness to customers up and down the country! We know that becuase of the feedback we get.  Based on its success and continued requests from customers, we decided to diversify a little and presented the Ada Marine Teal Faux Leather Dining Chair. faux leather is so versatile and it's super-easy to keep clean. A quick wipe-down and you're all done.

Completely exclusive to Benhomes, modern in design and priced very competitively, we feel the Ada Marine Teal Faux Leather Dining Chair is a chair that will bring a glow to any dining area. Grey and browns are great, but sometimes, don't you just long for some colour?

With solid metal, easy to assemble construction, a quilted backrest and a smooth faux leather finish which is literally more than a pleasure to touch, this chair is not only eye-catching but an easy to maintain item of furniture that will bring years of joy to its owner.

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dining chairs

Mustard Dining Chairs

This slightly off-yellow design is proving really very popular right now. It's colourful, yet not so in your face as some of the brighter colours. It's a personality thing isn't it? Some customers prefer more of a muted affair whilst others really love the vibrancy of our new colour ranges.

Completely exclusive to Benhomes, this chair is super-modern in design and priced very competitively, we feel the Ada Honey Mustard Faux Leather Dining Chair is really that chair that will suit most dining spaces and tables. Sure it's yellow, but it's not YELLOW. It's the subtlty of it that wins over customers. 

At just £112 with free tracked delivery you really can't go wrong!

Grey and Brown Dining Chairs

If you aren't looking for a vibrant colour then our grey and brown dining chairs are the perfect accompaniment to most tables and spaces. The faux leather is the perfect alternative to real leather as it looks the part but is way easier to look after, an of course it's much less expensive than real leather. If you are buying a set of chairs, then real leather is going to set you back a considerable amount. Why spend out when you don't have to? Get the luxurious look for a fraction of the price.

This Ford Brown Faux Leather dining room chair brings retro-elements together with modern curves and workmanship. It's tapered matt black legs hold the traditional shape with the comfortable quilted padded seat that will stay comfy for years to come.

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