modern dining tables and chairs

A Very Modern Dining Room

As much as I love traditional dining rooms, I do love a modern look too.  Simple lines without fuss, really make a statement without being too obvious.

How Do You Use Your Dining Room?

When we think of a dining room, we think of the hub for family gatherings, dinner parties and homework! But what if your dining space is, well….just lacking?

Creating a modern dining room does not mean it loses its homeliness. Clutter is not conducive to relaxation and actually it is a proven fact that it makes us anxious. We don’t function the same surrounded by mess and clutter.

That’s why the phrase ‘Successful people always make the bed’ makes complete sense. If you leave an unmade bed behind, it leaves you feeling a bit naughty doesn’t it?

The same theory applies to the house as a whole. When we walk into a cluttered room, our minds begin to feel clutter, disorganised. So a plain and simple modern dining space is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Well he didn’t but he probably would.

An Un-clutted Dining Space 

Get rid of the areas that allow for clutter to build up. Ditch spaces where the unopened bills and flyers often reside. You know, that convenient dumping place for everything that you don’t want to deal with right now. 

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, in a subtle neutral colour is the perfect background for a solid wooden table and some carefully placed covered modern dining chairs.

Useful Tip: Before you buy any big items of furniture, be sure to measure up. What looks a reasonable size in the picture or in store will look completely different in a real life dining room!

Is it Okay to Keep It Really Simple?

Yes it really is. You may have the urge to add little touches, pictures and family photos, plants and Unnecessary rugs, but give this ‘keeping it simply modern’ thing a go. It doesn’t have to be permanent after all. All I takes is some modern yet timeless statement chairs and a solid table. 

Grey Dining Chairs

Grey is still very much the colour of the moment, and it is a shade that works perfectly well in the dining room. A covered diner such as this is a great choice. It gived the appearance of luxury without the luxury price tag!

grey dining chairs