high back dining chairs

High Backed Chairs

Our covered diners come in a variety of designs but we just love the high back styles. This design offers so much. Elegance, style, class....the list goes on. A higher backed chair looks striking against most tables and to top it off, the height offers superb comfort.

We find it hard to express how pleased we are with our new Beckie and Claire dining chairs. It's hard to find the words to describe these beautiful chairs whilst pointing out their inexpensive price tag. 

These two designs are similar in style and we’ve implemented that popular Benhomes, classic yet contemporary quilting on the backrest of the Beckie, resulting in an exclusive to Benhomes elegant and timeless look that our chairs have become well known for over the last couple of years. Adding to this beautiful range as we go, allows us to put together feedback from our customers and include all of the best bits in new chair designs.

These beauties are extremely comfortable, hard wearing and available in a number of colours and materials. While the smooth to touch velvet shrieks luxury out loud and we’ve also launched both chairs in the popular faux leather. Our grey chairs are most probably our best-sellers. We say probably, because sometimes it's our brown faux leather that takes over. That's not to say that the more vibrant colours such as pink, teal, green and yellow aren't popular too. 

So are we really dining chair nerds? Yep! We've been working in the furniture trade for many years and seen plenty of faddy designs come and go. We wanted to come up with a range that was fashionable yet timeless and we think that we have accomplished that.

The Claire - Now £86.99 each Was £158.99 SAVE 45%!!

high back dining chair