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  1. How Coloured Dining Chairs Enhance Wooden Dining Tables

    coloured dining chairs UK

    Coloured Dining Chairs 

     We all need to a bit of colour in our lives right now don’t we? Whether it’s a flash of vibrant green or a splash of yellow, a little bit of colour does us good. When it comes to colour in the dining area, we don’t really know how to go about adding it in the best way. We want it to be subtle only we aren’t too sure how you can get anything subtle out of bright teal or pink. Well it’s all in the styling. If you want to make an impression, give your room to wow factor and impress your dinner guests then may we recommend our range of upholstered dining chairs. Not to blow our own trumpet or anything so crass, but we know a thing or two about contemporary dining.



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  2. A Traditional Home v's Modern

    traditional homes and modern homes

    Traditional Houses Vs. Modern Houses

    Some people prefer cream with waffles, while some people prefer syrup with waffles. You may like your prawn deep-fried, or you may like it rolled in sushi. Everyone has different preferences for everything. When it comes to having the perfect dream house, many people prefer having a traditionally designed one while some prefer a modern home. 

    A custom luxury house can either be traditional or modern. However, you will notice that many people end up having a house that has a mix of both, a little bit of traditional and a little bit of modern put together. You can add certain elements from both styles to come up with a unique house for yourself.

    When we talk about traditional homes, they have characteristics that reflect one or more historical architectural styles. It doesn't necessarily set with a single style, but it's a blend of several styles.

    However, modern homes are made typically keeping in mind the

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