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Ella Winter

  1. Faux Leather Chairs That Look Like Real Leather

    contemporary faux dining chairs

    Awesome Faux Leather Chairs 

     Leather is great, we love it! The thing is, it’s expensive. It comes with a super-massive price tag and not everyone has the budget for the real thing. With this in mind we decided to up our faux leather dining chair range. We started our collection offering these contemporary dining chairs in brown and grey. Good solid non-offensive colours we thought. We expected them to sell well, but what we didn’t expect was that they would fly and become our very best-selling products.

     So, what do you do when a product goes viral? Add more colours of course! Not only did we bring in some more vibrant colours such as pink, yellow, green and teal, we changed up some of the designs. We didn’t get rid of the ones that were selling like crazy of course, that would have been silly. No, we looked at the beautiful lines and curves and pimped them to bring in some

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  2. High Back Dining Chairs With Class

    high back dining chairs

    High Backed Chairs

    Our covered diners come in a variety of designs but we just love the high back styles. This design offers so much. Elegance, style, class....the list goes on. A higher backed chair looks striking against most tables and to top it off, the height offers superb comfort.

    We find it hard to express how pleased we are with our new Beckie and Claire dining chairs. It's hard to find the words to describe these beautiful chairs whilst pointing out their inexpensive price tag. 

    These two designs are similar in style and we’ve implemented that popular Benhomes, classic yet contemporary quilting on the backrest of the Beckie, resulting in an exclusive to Benhomes elegant and timeless look that our chairs have become well known for over the last couple of y

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