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  1. In The Pink - A Great Colour For The Home

    pink velvet covered dining chairs

    In the Pink – How Does Pink Enhance Your Mood?

    When you wish to add a certain colour to the interior of your house, you cannot start off by picking the colour randomly. Always remember that whatever colour you are selecting, it will reflect on your mood and personality. Therefore, make a wise choice when picking out chairs and sofas for your place.

    It might seem easy for you to choose a colour that you want to add to your house or personal space. You may think that if a specific shade of pink is your favorite, then buying a velvet chair of the same colour to place it by the fireplace will be a good idea. However, in many cases, this doesn’t work.

    You can't  jump to adding shades of pink to your place. You have to make sure that you carefully adjust the color palette of the room. After that, you have to follow a certain theme. There are other things to t

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  2. What's in Navy Blue

    navy blue furniture

    Go Dark with Navy Blue – Is It A Good Colour For Your Furnishings?

    There are many colours that you can choose from when it comes to decorating your house or personal space. Many people pick various colors based on their preferences or a specific theme they are following. One of the most common colors that make a frequent appearance within a house setting is the darkest shade of blue - navy blue.

    Blue is often a favourite, which is why it’s seen in many houses or even lobbies that have a formal setting. You can never go wrong with any shade of blue, and this holds true explicitly for the navy blue shade.

    What Does a Blue Colour Symbolise?

    Before we start with that, the word ‘Navy blue’ is derived from the uniforms that officers of the British Royal Navy wore. It is generally associated with suits, dress clothing, and other traditional sartorial choices, which is why you often may find navy blue sofas or velvet chairs placed in office

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